Thursday, February 12, 2009

Financial Preparedness: Frugality Challenge #1

In keeping with the idea of practicing thrift and frugality, I have decided to issue a new frugality challenge each week. I hope my readers will respond by sharing their ideas. Please comment!

Frugality Challenge #1:

Instead of spending money for entertainment, find inexpensive or free entertainment.

My three favorite free things to do are to:
  1. Go to the library and borrow books and movies.
  2. Explore local parks.
  3. Go on a "nature walk."

What are yours?


Lynn said...

We chose to have this month (Feb.) a NO SPEND month, as a "Mock Unemployment" trial for our family.. We wanted to see if we could completely live off our food storage and if we could break some bad spending habits, while at the same time regain some savings that would help in the event of an actual unemployment. This is a strong possibility for my husband due to the economy in the next few months.

We are doing great! It's been almost two weeks and going to the stores for everything, has not been missed. We celebrated a birthday here at home with what we had and had FUN! Games, treats,and all. We plan on doing the same for Valentine's Day. A fun meal with games and activities.

We also made our homemade cards and treats from what we had for our Visiting teaching and home teaching families. It's been a GREAT experience.

sammon said...

Hey, we do that already...that's not a challenge, (well, really it is a challege). :)

Great idea!!! I can't wait to see what the other challenges are and what kind of ideas you have!!!

Anonymous said...

We check the museums for free days - sometimes it's once a week, othertimes monthly.

We also like to go to garden nurseries to see what's new, in bloom or what we'd like to grow.

Depending on the time of year, we visit stores or malls for their free concerts & art shows. We always check the Sunday paper, at the library as we don't subscribe, for anything free - libraries often have free programs that you can't find anywhere else - like how a person puts on make-up & costume to become a clown!!

Free entertainment is easier than most people think because you have 'think outside the box'.

Kristi said...

One thing that I like is Redbox gives free movie codes on Mondays. You just have to signup to receive text messages of the codes. We have made Monday movie night. The only catch is it has to be back on Tue night by 9pm or they charge you $1 per night.
My kids love it & I do too! Free movies, can't beat that!

Anonymous said...

We are exchanging/borrowing DVDs within our circle of family and friends. We all get to see a "new" movie at no expense to anyone. It's working out wonderfully! So far, we have had 3 or 4 "movie nights". We make our own popcorn and make a real night of it.:)


Kristi Allen said...

I'm so happy I found this blog. This is exactly what I have been looking for, something to motivate me....none of my vegas buddies are interested, I'm totally on board, I am ready for the challenge!

Anonymous said...

We have done lots of things along this line of thinking... We don't go to the movies... we rent Netflix because it's even cheaper than Blockbuster AND you can get it streaming through your xbox 360 if you have one. Also, I take my son to free story hour at the library (your local library has so many free activities if you just ask or look online at their calender!! Learn spanish, how to plant a garden, story times etc). I also take my son to a free story time at Barnes and Noble. Going for walks, going to the park, going to feed the ducks. There's really so much to do that is free or very little at all! Sometimes your local paper (like in arizona you can go to you can go to the entertainment section and search "free events"... like local fairs,carnivals etc. Also, you can buy an annual pass for the zoo if you have kiddo's that aren't in school yet... you can go there at least once a week and it's like the best thing in the world to them! Plus they usually have super good deals! Also, starting a babysitting co-op with neighbors or ward members saves HUGE on babysitting because you pay with "tickets"!!

Something Marvellous said...

I love the library! Another idea is to do a swap with your friends! I love knitting, but instead of going out and spending $$ on yarn and other notions, I get together with other knitters and we swap needles and yarns and other things. Then we re-swap when we are done!

tellepa said...

the website to get the free movie codes is

What we do is sign up for all the activities at the library that we can. Storytime, workshops, movie nights - all are fun and free.

Something else we do is make our own take out food - while this isn't free it is so much cheaper than going out. We still like to go out but this makes for more fun themed dinners.

I also think that playgroups for your kids are a great for you to socialize and give them interaction with others. My friend and I do a preschool co-op, we take turns teaching and we have been able to save the money that preschool would cost.

If you are in our ward come to enrichment on 4/15 - I will be speaking on some other ways to save money.


Kerri said...

I also thought of another really fun thing to do: Play board and card games! Actually, Lynn mentioned it as well.

Tam said...

we check out movies at the library, we place some fun dice games, sometimes we just make treats at home and watch one of our own movies.

we've even had nights where everyone is given a dollar and as a group we have to shop for dinner and dessert, with only five of us we have to get pretty creative..... a box of little debbies treats for just over a dollar, 2 cans of soup, or a box of mac and cheese, or even a couple of chocolate bars and couple pieces of fruit to dip in the melted chocolate,

we love to go to yard sales or thrift stores too.

we live in a very small rural town, so there aren't many opportunities for free activities so we have to make our own fun.

flag football, frisbee at the park, jump on the trampoline, lay on trampoline and watch the stars (one night there was a meteor shower and we layed out there at 3:00 in the morning to see it.

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